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Salesforce B2B Commerce offers distributors online storefronts, account management, product catalogs, streamlined ordering, self-service options, personalization tools, valuable analytics, and system integrations to optimize operations, elevate customer experiences, and accelerate both their digital transformation as well as sales growth.


With Salesforce D2C Commerce, manufacturers gain full brand control, unlock growth opportunities through direct customer relationships, personalized experiences, and valuable insights, cultivating loyalty and a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital commerce landscape.


Salesforce B2B Commerce enables wholesalers to manage complex account hierarchies, pricing, and discounts, showcase extensive product catalogs with real-time inventory, and streamline order management processes through efficient approvals and logistics integration.


Deliver consistent brand experiences across all channels. Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers you to create seamless omnichannel journeys by integrating online storefronts with physical stores, mobile apps, and other touchpoints. This ensures a unified brand experience regardless of how customers choose to interact.


Empower customers with self-service! Salesforce Commerce Cloud lets telcos move device purchases, upgrades, and add-ons online. This increases scalability, streamlines mixed-basket orders (products, services, subscriptions), and boosts customer satisfaction.


Financial institutions: Balance security, compliance, and exceptional experiences. Customers demand 24/7 access and control over their finances. The right partner empowers you to deliver both seamlessly, ensuring compliance and security while keeping customers happy.

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