Advisory Consulting Services 

With over two decades of expertise in implementing digital commerce solutions for enterprise organizations, our Advisory Services offer tactical insight and strategic guidance. Leveraging our deep domain knowledge of Distribution, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Retail, and Telco verticals, we offer Advisory Services to guide organizations through the complexities of the digital commerce space, leading to informed decisions and cohesive digital transformation and growth strategies.

Advisory Consulting Services 

Discover how our digital commerce expertise can elevate your company.
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Digital Commerce Technology Evaluation & Strategy
Guide your company’s digital commerce decisions with our advisory service. We help you navigate choices not just about platforms but also the broader range of technologies in your digital commerce environment. We offer a comprehensive analysis, strategic guidance, and tailored recommendations, ensuring informed and cohesive decision-making that aligns with your unique needs and market dynamics across the technology ecosystem.
  • Informed decision-making on digital commerce technology: Avoid costly missteps and reduce downstream implementation risks by working with our team to choose the right technologies that align with your strategic goals and market position.
  • Tailored solutions for unique organizational needs: Ensure that the digital commerce strategy fits each organization’s specific requirements and strengths, leading to better performance and competitive advantage by properly defining strategic priorities and defined KPIs.
  • Enhanced cohesion across technology ecosystems: Enhance overall efficiency and user experience by improved cohesion, so that all parts of the digital commerce system work together using modern integration paradigms.
Digital Commerce Roadmap

Stay ahead of market trends and consumer expectations with our expertise. AAXIS helps you identify changing trends and consumer expectations in the market in order to shape your product roadmap. We employ a data-driven approach to distinguish genuine trends from noise to quickly test and promote features.

Digital Commerce Product Analysis and Market Expansion
Guide your digital commerce growth with our expert advisory service. Leveraging our domain experience and market insights, we offer strategic guidance on diversifying or innovating product offerings. Receive expert advice to refine your digital commerce strategies to maximize market expansion, increase customer engagement, and boost sales performance in a digital-first world.

  • Identify new commerce product opportunities: Transform your Digital Commerce strategy with our expert advisory service. Leveraging our deep industry experience and market insights, we provide actionable guidance on innovating and diversifying product offerings. Tailored to your needs, our advice enhances market expansion, customer engagement, and sales performance in today’s digital-first landscape.
  • Refined strategies for Digital Commerce market expansion: Expand your market strategically to target new customer bases, fostering business growth and securing increased market share.
  • Enhanced customer engagement and sales in digital channels: Focus on customer engagement and sales in digital channels to successfully meet the needs of the modern consumer, leading to increased revenue.
Establishing an eCommerce Presence in China and Latin America
We specialize in helping US businesses establish an eCommerce presence in China and Latin America. We also help businesses in China and Latin America establish an eCommerce presence in the US. Benefits:
  • Local accountability and like-mindedness lead to synergy in business approach
  • AAXIS acts as an extension of the team with an on-site presence
  • Streamlined communication with local staff and partners of the client
  • Proficiency in Integrating with Local Technology Solutions
Post-M&A Digital Technology Integration
Guide and streamline the integration of digital commerce technology post-merger or acquisition with our advisory service to ensure a seamless transition and alignment of digital systems and to minimize technical debt. By emphasizing technology and process efficiencies, we reduce cost-to-serve customers, enhance customer experiences, and guarantee a smooth and maintainable integration post-acquisition.

  • Seamless transition and integration post-acquisition: Ensure business continuity and prevent disruptions affecting customer experience and company reputation with smooth integrations.
  • Reduced cost-to-serve customers: Enhance profitability by lowering the cost-to-serve and reallocating resources to other growth initiatives.
  • Minimized technical debt and improved customer experiences: Reduce technical debt to prevent future complications and resource drain while simultaneously improving customer experiences through more efficient and reliable systems.
Generative AI for Commerce
Harness the power of AI with our advisory service, guiding organizations to comprehend and adopt the latest technologies. Predict and respond to customer needs, automate engagement processes, and create innovative digital commerce offerings. Our focus is on maximizing AI’s potential to elevate customer experiences and operational efficiency in digital commerce channels and products.

  • Enhanced prediction and response to customer needs: Leverage AI to predict and meet customer needs, resulting in more personalized customer experiences, higher satisfaction, and a shift of manual effort to more productive tasks.
  • Improved customer support through automation: Automate suitable customer support tasks to enhance efficiency and provide quick and consistent responses to customer inquiries, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Innovative Digital Commerce product/service offerings using AI: Utilize AI to create cutting-edge products and services, differentiating your business from competitors.
AAXIS Digital Value Framework
Guide your digital business transformation with our foundational framework—an integral component of all advisory services. Our structured approach comprehensively addresses digital challenges, providing a consistent and reliable basis for organizational guidance. Emphasizing stakeholder accountability, value-based priority metrics, and clear value enablement responsibility, this framework helps align tactical outcomes with strategic objectives. Ensure your project outcomes deliver on strategic ambitions with our robust framework.

  • Enhanced Strategic Alignment: Ensure that digital technology initiatives align with the overall business strategy. This leads to more effective decision-making and resource allocation in digital commerce.
  • Improved Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitate a better understanding and integration of diverse stakeholder needs and expectations. This leads to more comprehensive and inclusive digital strategies.
  • Risk Reduction: Identify and address potential challenges and risks in the digital transformation journey, leading to a smoother, more predictable transition to digital platforms.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Streamline business processes using digital technologies. This results in improved efficiency and reduced operational costs.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Leverage data analytics and insights to inform decision-making. This ensures that digital commerce strategies are based on factual, real-time information.