Digital Commerce

AAXIS offers comprehensive services designed to assist you in selecting your next digital commerce platform or optimizing the performance of your existing one. Partner with our digital commerce experts to improve key performance indicators (KPIs), enhance system performance, and boost user satisfaction. Our experienced team provides valuable insights into architecture and industry best practices, ensuring optimal results for your digital commerce endeavors. Explore how our advisory, execution, and managed services contribute to the success of digital commerce initiatives at large enterprises. 


AAXIS offers comprehensive advisory services to empower your digital commerce journey:
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Digital Commerce Execution

AAXIS meticulously executes even the most challenging digital commerce implementations. Our expertise ensures that your digital commerce journey is seamless and tailored to your unique needs. Here’s how we can assist you:
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Managed Services

At AAXIS, our Managed Services are designed to provide ongoing support and optimization for your digital commerce operations, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.

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Platform Selection & RFP Process

Leverage our 20+ years of digital commerce success to define priorities, establish KPIs, and standardize business requirements. We guide you in evaluating technologies and partners, providing insights through our platform comparison and selection tool. AAXIS can also manage the entire selection and RFP process on your behalf.

Digital Commerce Roadmap

Stay ahead of market trends and consumer expectations with our expertise. AAXIS helps you identify changing trends and consumer expectations in the market in order to shape your product roadmap. We employ a data-driven approach to distinguish genuine trends from noise to quickly test and promote features.

Architecture Advisory

Navigate evolving technologies with our guidance. AAXIS helps adopt technologies that enhance business success, customer retention, and cost efficiency, all while managing in-house IT requirements effectively.

User Experience Design 

Elevate user experiences with data-backed design. AAXIS assists in information architecture, UI/graphic design for websites and mobile apps. 

Internationalization & Multi-Site Strategy 

Streamline operations with our expertise in managing multiple brands, websites, countries, languages, and currencies. AAXIS ensures high-efficiency platforms for multi-country, multi-language rollouts.

Analytics, KPIs & Observability

Define and monitor KPIs with our support. AAXIS employs advanced analytics tools for continuous monitoring, enhancing the internal technical team’s ability to observe critical metrics such as system uptime, performance, logging, and distributed tracing. 

Use of Machine Learning and AI 
Differentiate your business with AAXIS by incorporating machine learning and AI solutions tailored to your unique needs. 
Security and Privacy Posture 

Safeguard user information with AAXIS. We build secure systems, continuously patched to stay ahead in security. Our services also include compliance implementation for standards like OWASP, GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and SOC. 

Product Catalog Design and Implementation, PIM/DAM

Design a well-organized and attribute-rich product catalog to convey key information and differentiate from competitors. AAXIS can help you select a PIM and DAM system that aligns with your specific requirements.

Identity and Access Management 

Standardize identity and access management across your enterprise, ensuring scalability with multi-factor authentication and support for OAuth and OpenID Connect. AAXIS can assist you in implementing a robust identity solution.

Cloud & DevOps 

Choose the right cloud provider to build your infrastructure. AAXIS can help you evaluate cloud providers, automate infrastructure provisioning, code builds, and deployments, and implement measurements to ensure all the cloud services are running properly.

Digital Experience Management, Content & Layout Management 

Create a well-organized website with intuitive landing pages and content. AAXIS can assist you in selecting the right platform for copy, banners, images, layouts, and other content forms.

Personalization and Recommendations 

Build a digital commerce platform that learns from customer behavior and adapts the user experience over time. AAXIS can assist in developing machine learning-based algorithms for product, offer, and content recommendations.

Order Management 

Implement intelligent routing of orders, fast and reliable shipping, and support multiple ways for customers to receive items. AAXIS can guide you in centralizing order and inventory management for common fulfillment methods like BOPIS and BOSTS.

My Account/Post Order Support 

Ensure customers receive consistent attention post-order placement, offering excellent online self-service tools and accessible “human” support for issues requiring personal assistance. AAXIS can help you optimize post-order customer interactions.

Payments, Tax, and Logistics - Composable Vs. Pre-composed

Leverage AAXIS’s extensive experience with diverse architectural patterns to build digital commerce systems that suit your organization’s unique requirements. Our experts can guide you in making informed decisions.

Integrations and Data Migration 

Streamline integrations and data migration processes to enhance overall system efficiency. AAXIS can assist you navigate complex integration challenges and ensure smooth data migration.

User Experience Design - Native Mobile and Tablet Applications 

Develop native mobile and tablet applications to provide enhanced user experiences across devices, incorporating features like geo-location, geo-fencing, notifications, and offline support. AAXIS can help you create engaging and user-friendly applications.

Pricing and Promotions 

Tailor pricing and promotions strategies to optimize customer engagement and satisfaction. AAXIS can assist in developing effective pricing and promotion strategies aligned with your business goals. 


Implement comprehensive inventory management solutions to streamline operations and ensure accurate stock tracking. AAXIS can help you optimize your inventory management processes for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Production Operations Management

Enhance operational efficiency and optimize production processes. Our experts identify bottlenecks, implement best practices, and leverage technology for enhanced productivity, ensuring reliability, scalability, and continuous improvement. Partner with AAXIS for operational excellence, high-quality products, and efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Development Services

Deliver robust and cutting-edge applications by partnering with AAXIS. We tailor strategic solutions to your business needs, leveraging the latest technologies for innovation and timely delivery, helping you achieve excellence in software development.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Depend on AAXIS’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) services for top-notch dependability and performance. Our expert SRE team maximizes infrastructure dependability through proactive monitoring and continuous improvement, helping you enhance system performance, minimize downtime, and streamline operations for a focus on innovation.


Enhance your development pipeline and security with AAXIS’s DevOps and DevSecOps services. Seamlessly integrate operations and security for accelerated software delivery. Our expert team uses industry-leading practices and automation to optimize workflows, reduce time-to-market, and embed security throughout the development process, ensuring faster innovation and effective response to market changes.