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Data Drives Personalization: Salesforce Connections Showcases the Future of B2B Commerce

One of the main highlights for commerce practitioners at Salesforce’s annual Connections conference for Marketing and Commerce leaders is the product roadmap session where Salesforce shares its plans for the next several releases. B2B commerce professionals came away pleased as Salesforce continues to make significant investments in their B2B offerings (B2B, D2C & Order Management), such as Salesforce’s commitment to achieve setup of any commerce feature in 3 clicks or less. This has resulted in a major redesign of navigation and workspaces with ‘easy’ and ‘efficient’ as guiding principles.  

Additionally, reporting and personalization of shopper journeys also received significant attention. These areas are being powered by data and segmentation capabilities of Salesforce Data Cloud, which of course is laying the foundation for further AI innovation beyond the current shopper and merchant co-pilot capabilities.  

At AAXIS, we are extremely excited about the Commerce Cloud roadmap and these innovations as they will all automatically be included in Commerce OnCore, our rapid deployment solution for Salesforce B2B Commerce. Commerce OnCore customers will also continue to receive the benefit of Simple Quotes, Buyer Purchase Limits, Multi-Invoice Payment, and other features that extend the out-of-the-box functionality from Salesforce.  

Between the June and October releases, outlined below, there are over 20 significant innovations that will equip B2B practitioners to optimize their operations. The key takeaway – Salesforce Commerce Cloud Roadmap + Commerce OnCore by AAXIS = A Very Bright Future for B2B.  

Generally Available June ‘24 

Intelligently Assist Shoppers in a New Way 

  • Bridge In-Store and Digital Interactions  
  • Bring Commerce into Digital Channels  
  • Reduce Friction in Conversion  

High Converting Search  

  • Improved Page Performance  
  • Improved Search Experience for Shoppers 
  • Faster Automatic Indexing  

Customize Salesforce CDN Settings  

  • Faster Flexible CDN Settings  
  • Secure your site with WAF rules  

High Scale Ordering   

  • Faster Order Creation and Ingestion  
  • Enabled by Default for New LWR Orgs  
  • Improved Latency during Order Creation  

Large Order Servicing  

  • APIs Optimized for Large Orders  
  • Seamless Servicing of Large Orders  

Managed Checkout  

  • Configure a Checkout Page in Minutes  
  • Boost Conversion with 1-Click Checkout 
  • Modern, best in class templates  

Native Merchant Services  

  • Launch Fast & Eliminate Integrations  
  • Provide Estimated Delivery Dates  
  • Simplify Setup with Salesforce Tax  

Exchanges with Repricing  

  • Seamless Order Servicing with Exchanges  
  • Order Totals Recalculation  
  • Refund and Re-authorize Payments  
  • Merchandize Returns  

Personalized Shopper Journeys  

  • Registered Segment Mapping to Buyer Groups 
  • Personalize the Experience on Storefronts  
  • Create Target Promotions  

Bundled Analytics  

  • Finance Dashboard  
  • Promotions Dashboard 
  • Payments Dashboard 

Analytics Dashboard  

  • Product Intelligence  
  • Shopper Intelligence  
  • Inventory Intelligence  

Inventory Insights 

  • Centralize Inventory Data Across Systems 
  • Optimize Your Inventory with Reports 

Redesigned Commerce Application – GA June ‘24 

  • Modern Navigation  
  • Intelligent & Guided Experiences  
  • Refreshed Workspaces & Functionality  

Automated Person Access Setup – GA June ‘24 

  • 1-Click to Automated Flow  
  • Guest Access Turned on for Stores  

Enhanced Commerce Setup Assistant – GA June ‘24 

  • Payments Org Setup Automation 
  • Order Management Org Setup Automation 
  • OOTB Analytics Install  

Easy Product Setup – GA June ‘24 

  • Easily Create New Products  
  • Dynamic, Real-time Preview  

Easy Promotion Setup – GA June ‘24 

  • Add Discounts & Qualifiers  
  • Easy Audience Selection  
  • Responsive Promotion Form  
  • Promotion Templates  

Enhanced D2C Commerce Template – GA June ‘24 

  • Modernized D2C Commerce Template  
  • Expanded Flexibility  

Rich Order Confirmation Emails – Pilot June ‘24 

  • Centrally Managed Email Content  
  • Integrated with Unified Messaging  
  • Email Engagement Data  
  • Co-Pilot for Merchants – Beta June ‘24 
  • Draft Promotions with Einstein  
  • Activate your Promotion  


Generally Available October ‘24 


Full D2C Store in Starter  

  • Self-Service Edition of Commerce  
  • D2C Store with the full power of the C360  
  • Drive Sales Online  

Product Bundles  

  • Increase Revenue and AOV 
  • Simplified Purchasing Process  
  • Inventory Management  

Inventory Management Workspace  

  • Enhanced Inventory UI  
  • Easily Manage and Maintain Inventory  
  • Empower business users with out-of-the-box Inventory Management screens  

Marketing Cloud Integration 

  • Native Messaging Capabilities  
  • Consumer Grade Email Experiences  
  • Faster TTV 
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