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Elevating B2B Search: Strategies for Optimal Conversion

In today’s digital landscape, where 92% of B2B purchases start with a search, optimizing your website’s search functionality is super critical. While it’s a given that every B2B site should have a search feature, addressing common issues can significantly enhance user experience and drive conversions. 

While at the B2B Online 2024 Chicago conference, Algolia conducted an excellent workshop on how to audit the site search experience. Tom Thaddeus and Andy Wagner from AAXIS were invited to attend the workshop to support any audience questions. 

During the workshop, Algolia laid out 6 common issues they see and solve, that measurably improve findability and customer conversion.  

  1. Latency Optimization: Even slight delays in loading can result in lost conversions. For every 100 milliseconds of latency, there’s a potential 1% loss in conversions.

  2. Enhanced Search Experience: Traditional search experiences often lack efficiency and user confidence due to issues like typo intolerance and disjointed content. Elevate the search-as-you-type experience empowering users with relevant suggestions and bolster their confidence in finding what they need efficiently.

  3. Rich Query Suggestions: Implement intelligent query suggestions that not only help users recall their search history but also guide them towards terms that are more likely to lead to conversions.

  4. Intent Detection: Streamline the search process by deploying intent detection algorithms that recognize facet values within queries. This expedites the path to finding the right products or services.

  5. Consistent Merchandising: Align the search experience with the meticulous approach taken in category curation. Avoid inconsistencies in merchandising between the front-end user experience and category organization.

  6. Optimized Front-End UX: Create immersive and responsive search experiences that not only showcase products but also deliver other relevant content swiftly. Prioritize the optimization of front-end UX to captivate users and encourage exploration. 

Prioritizing a holistic approach to search optimization is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s digital marketplace. By proactively addressing the outlined areas, B2B companies can surpass customer expectations, leading to increased engagement, satisfaction, and ultimately, higher conversion rates.  

At AAXIS we have created a Search Optimization Program for Algolia. Contact us to learn how you can turn these 6 common search issues into your competitive advantage! 

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