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How Generative AI is Transforming Merchandising: Essential Use Cases for Modern Retailers 

Merchandisers play a pivotal role in eCommerce, shaping the way products are presented to customers. Generative AI empowers these professionals by automating and enhancing various tasks, allowing for more efficient and creative merchandising. From verifying product information to generating compelling descriptions and images, AI-driven tools are transforming how merchandisers operate, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and visual appeal in product listings. 

For over two decades, AAXIS has been a trusted global partner, helping top manufacturers, distributors, retailers and telcos meet the growing digital commerce and automation needs of their customers. We work with our clients to execute the right strategy and implement the best fit of technologies leveraging data and AI to increase customer retention, elevate the customer experience, increase customer conversion, acquire new customers, and expand into new markets.  

Collaborating with our clients and examining the diverse challenges they encounter, we’ve devised a collection of practical solutions utilizing Generative AI to address these issues. Here is a short list of sample use cases that modern retailers are leveraging:   

  • Verify Product Information: Ensure product details like price, dimensions, and features are accurate by cross-referencing databases and itself. 
  • Generate Meta Tags: Automatically create relevant meta tags to enhance search engine optimization and product visibility. 
  • Determine Category: Classify products into appropriate categories based on attributes and descriptions. This is particularly useful for marketplace operators dealing with constantly changing product offerings or when the ERP categories are less intuitive to end users. 
  • Generate Descriptions: Produce engaging and accurate product descriptions that highlight key features and benefits. 
  • Check Images: Assess product images for quality and relevance, identifying any that may need updates or replacements. 
  • Cleanup Product Images: Enhance and standardize product images by removing backgrounds, correcting colors, and improving clarity. 
  • Generate Images: Create high-quality, AI-generated product images when original photos are unavailable or insufficient. 
  • Generate MSDS Sheets, Warranty Sheets: Automatically produce Material Safety Data Sheets and warranty documentation tailored to each product. 

The above Generative AI capabilities should be integrated into existing systems like Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) platforms providing significant advantages for modern merchandising. AI integration allows seamless access to recommendations and content directly from familiar interfaces, speeding up product updates and ensuring consistency across channels. It helps maintain data accuracy by automating content generation and verification, scales efficiently for large catalogs, and supports better decision-making through actionable insights, all of which contribute to a more effective merchandising strategy. 

While generative AI provides powerful tools for enhancing merchandising tasks, it is crucial to maintain human oversight to ensure accuracy and compliance. AI can generate product descriptions, images, and other content, but human experts should be involved in the approval process to validate and refine this output. Particularly for information related to safety, product specifications, or regulatory compliance, a human-in-the-loop approach is essential.  

Generative AI is revolutionizing the merchandising landscape, providing modern retailers with innovative tools to enhance efficiency, creativity, and accuracy. By automating key tasks like product information verification, image generation, and meta tag creation, AI-driven solutions empower merchandisers to focus on strategic initiatives and deliver a more compelling customer experience. The adoption of these technologies not only streamlines operations but also opens new avenues for engaging and retaining customers in a competitive market. 

Ready to Transform Your Merchandising Strategy? 

Partner with AAXIS to explore how generative AI can elevate your merchandising operations. Whether you aim to improve product listings, optimize search visibility, or create engaging content, our expertise in digital commerce and AI technology can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for a short demo to start or accelerate your journey of transforming your merchandising strategy and gaining a competitive edge in the eCommerce landscape! 

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