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Recap from Thomas Kurian’s Keynote at GCP Next 24  

I just came out of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s exciting keynote at GCP Next 24 where he talked about AI being a today thing instead of a tomorrow thing. AI can spot diseases earlier and track asteroids in outer space. All this is cool but how does it help us in the B2B commerce domain? Read on. 

Firstly, he spoke a lot about product announcements including the release of Gemini 1.5 model with 1 million token context. This means analyzing those large vendor contracts and comparing them is going to be so much easier. The most significant announcement for many was the Agent Builder UI. This user interface allows us to create various AI-powered assistive agents, or “copilots,” to streamline workflows.  

Here are some examples of what can be created with the Agent Builder UI: 

  • Employee agents can summarize calls for sales reps, facilitate shift handoffs for warehouse staff, and assist with vacation requests and health plan selection. 
  • Creative agents can generate text, images, and even videos for marketing campaigns and websites. 
  • Data agents can explore enterprise data and uncover valuable insights in a natural and intuitive way. 
  • Code agents and security agents can assist developers and IT professionals in creating, managing, and maintaining applications.  

These agents can now be built faster and easier with Google Agent Builder making the technology very approachable to B2B companies. We are in the process of exploring these tools in more depth and we’ll keep you posted. So, stay tuned. 

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