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The Future of B2B Commerce: Unified Sales Enablement

In the complex world of B2B commerce, where teams of buyers interact with teams of sellers across numerous touch points, the need for a sophisticated, integrated sales enablement platform is critical. Most eCommerce platforms handle B2B sales like any other online shopping experience—you go to a website, pick what you want, and check out. While that approach works, it’s pretty basic and doesn’t fully cover the many ways B2B commerce actually happens. 

While attending the 2024 B2B Online Chicago event, I had the chance to meet Aaron Sheehan, the Director of Product Marketing at OroCommerce, a digital platform for B2B businesses. As we chatted, Aaron brought up the concept of Unified Sales Enablement, a term reportedly coined by Yoav Kutner, who is not only the co-founder and CEO of OroCommerce but also known for pioneering great open-source projects like the Magento Commerce Platform. 

So, what exactly is Unified Sales Enablement? It is a strategic method that brings together different tools, processes, and technologies. This integration helps to streamline and improve how sales teams interact with customers. The goal is to create a unified system that manages all sales activities, keeps communication consistent, and boosts efficiency across various sales channels and touchpoints. 

OroCommerce achieves this objective by incorporating a CRM at its core, and a powerful workflow engine that supports a wide range of collaborative interactions between buyers and sellers. This isn’t just a tweak but a foundational feature in the platform.  OroCommerce effortlessly caters to various purchasing needs, whether it’s through self-guided portals where buyers can make purchases directly, or intricate processes like requesting quotes, configuring pricing, and modifying orders. This flexibility extends to third-party supplier transactions and direct purchases, making it a robust tool for any B2B business strategy. 

Furthermore, OroCommerce seamlessly integrates with widely used email systems and leading CRM platforms like Salesforce, significantly enhancing its capabilities. This consolidation ensures that sales personnel have all necessary information conveniently available in a single location. All this is achieved, while upholding the highest standards of privacy and security, guaranteeing that sensitive information is accessible only to those who are authorized. 

So, what does that mean for manufacturers and distributors? OroCommerce delivers a comprehensive solution that unifies and digitizes the entire sales process. It automates key operations and ensures crucial information is accessible to all parties involved in buying and selling, thereby enhancing transparency and boosting efficiency. By equipping sales teams with the necessary tools and information, OroCommerce facilitates more successful deal closures and provides a seamless, omnichannel experience for B2B customers. 

As businesses continue to navigate the evolving world of B2B commerce, platforms like OroCommerce are leading the way in providing comprehensive, flexible solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of today’s digital economy. By adopting such integrated platforms, companies can ensure that they are well-equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of modern B2B sales. 

Want to see how your organization can leverage Unified Sales Enablement to gain efficiency? Book a meeting today. 

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