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Business Objective

Ferguson, the largest distributor of plumbing supplies in North America, partnered with AAXIS in 2013 to establish a digital B2B presence. AAXIS crafted a seamless, multi-brand digital commerce platform, enabling B2B customers to effortlessly connect with and order supplies from Ferguson’s diverse range of brands online. 


Ferguson’s digital channel competitive market advantage was empowered by the highly scalable B2B/B2C digital commerce platform developed by AAXIS.

  • Established an online presence to provide a consistent B2B customer ordering experience that reduced human errors.
  • Integrated with complex ERP systems to align business operations and data management processes for reliable customer, inventory, and pricing information across multiple channels.
  • Improved conversion rates and ensured contract pricing compliance by building complex pricing logic for over 1 million customers and 2 million products enabling Ferguson to offer the right price at the right time.
  • Empowered customers with rapid product discovery through advanced search algorithms, offering a comprehensive list of attributes, imagery, and technical data.
  • Created a personalized mobile app experience to provide Account Teams with on-the-go access to accurate pricing, real-time inventory, product availability, and ordering functionality.
  • Created a new revenue channel by establishing S2S (System to System) punchout capabilities to allow other B2B enterprises to automate purchasing, approval and invoicing.
  • Reduced order cancellations by enabling accurate real-time inventory to allow customers to plan and /manage product delivery times more efficiently.
  • Boosted revenue by streamlining and consolidating customer and order history data following various acquisitions.

Benefits and Results

Increased self-service, reducing reliance on Ferguson personnel. 

Generated additional revenue with the creation of mobile and punchout channels.

Streamlined onboarding for acquired brands, boosting efficiency. 

Increased conversion rates with robust, reliable search, and product data.

Enhanced cash flow processes through online invoicing and payments. 


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