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Business Objective

Freeman, the global leader in events and trade shows, partnered with AAXIS to stabilize and significantly enhance their online exhibitor ordering channel, address security vulnerabilities, reduce technical debt and better integrate with enterprise systems.


AAXIS significantly enhanced Freeman’s operational efficiency by retiring legacy systems and streamlining the exhibitor ordering process.

  • Infrastructure costs were reduced by retiring legacy systems no longer needed.
  • Event setup time significantly improved by reducing manual processes and dependence on IT.
  • Show organizers had better tools to preview their events earlier and understand event-specific pricing so their event sites could go live sooner.
  • Manual order forms and Exhibitor PDF Kits were replaced with smarter online content and more robust search and filtering capabilities.
  • By automating most of the exhibitor ordering process, less manual intervention was required by Freeman staff, freeing up their time to execute events more efficiently
  • Order processing time was reduced such that exhibitors could receive their invoices sooner and Freeman was paid quicker.

Benefits and Results

Average Order Value increased by ~36%

Infrastructure costs were reduced due to retirement of legacy systems & processes

Event setup time
was reduced by 2.5 weeks

Expedited processing of Exhibitor orders 

Reduction in contact center calls due to smarter online product content 

Online revenue increased by ~31%


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