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Business Objective

PRISA, a leading office products distributor in Chile, partnered with AAXIS to implement ORO Commerce, an eCommerce platform. Their primary goal was to expand their customer base, increase online sales, and streamline internal processes while maintaining key features such as expense management and personalized pricing 


  1. Implemented ORO Commerce with the primary objective of driving business growth and efficiency while automating the purchasing process for PRISA Group’s customers. 
  2. Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the specific needs of the business and PRISA Group’s customers, enabling a thorough understanding of the entire purchasing process and key interactions.
  3. Implemented a highly efficient digital process aligned with industry best practices and automated processes to complement Prisa’s complex business rules. 
  4. Created a custom Middleware, facilitating seamless communication and efficient information management between the eCommerce platform and the ERP.  
  5. Developed a highly effective and strategically designed user experience (UI/UX) to capitalize on marketing opportunities and to ensure a seamless and obstacle-free shopping experience.
  6. AXXIS continues to provide ongoing comprehensive support to PRISA. This long-term collaboration has contributed to the sustained success of PRISA’s eCommerce strategy. 

Benefits and Results

Improved efficiency and speed of order processing by implementing an order flow automation.

Facilitated a smoother and more convenient purchasing process and reduced workload in the finance department 

Provided immediate access to
real-time product availability and customer data to allow sellers to make informed decisions.  


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