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Business Objective

Toshiba, a global leader in the electronics industry, formed a strategic partnership with AAXIS to address the challenges of high operational costs and outdated eCommerce functionality.


AAXIS developed an integrated and globally scalable platform that centralized customer service, sales, marketing, and digital commerce. This solution not only streamlined Toshiba’s operational processes but also revitalized their customer service approach.


  • Reduced fraud by enabling address verifications, robust payment solutions and real-time fraud monitoring.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing a full suite of order management capabilities including fulfillment status, line-item revisions, split shipments and tracking, RMSs, exchanges, rebates and refunds.
  • Created additional revenue opportunities by providing service agents and sales representatives with a unified view of customer orders and opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell products.
  • Provided accurate and consistent experiences across all digital touchpoints including online commerce, servicing, sales, marketing and system-to-system applications by creating a universal product configuration engine.
  • Aided first time buyers by introducing customer impersonation capabilities to allow co-shopping and assistance through a complex buying journey.
  • Increased customer service efficiency by allowing agents to work with the commerce business team to see real-time merchandising actions such as pricing adjustments, inventory, promotions and upsell recommendations.
  • Optimized operations by benchmarking outbound team performance and effectiveness through reports and analytics.

Benefits and Results

35% increase in online conversion rate due to personalized customer experience (CX).

20% revenue increase on desktop.

20% increase in customer acquisition from SEO enhancements.

Significant improvements in operational efficiency.


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