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Business Objective

WOM, a telecommunications company based in Chile, and established in 2015, has become a significant provider of mobile phone and mobile broadband services. They offer a variety of multimedia plans, prepaid services, and mobile devices. 
WOM partnered with AAXIS to enable their new and existing customers to sign up for postpaid lines, purchase/upgrade devices, and perform phone number portability using a new digital channel, without involving the call center or physical stores. They also aimed to reduce the operational cost of the call center by creating enhanced self-service capabilities online.


WOM partnered with AAXIS to enable digital commerce

  • Provided a blueprint for WOM’s digital ecosystem by restructuring existing enterprise systems to communicate through a standard telecommunications business language layer using TMF Open APIs.
  • Implemented cloud-based content management solution to manage digital content across all digital channels.
  • Developed a new “headless” UX storefront to provide a highly efficient and scalable presentation layer using a micro-frontend design approach to support an unlimited number of eCommerce, self-service, and marketings sites.
  • Enhanced online commerce features so customers could add new lines, port existing lines, pay bills, and purchase phones through the digital channel without contacting the call center or visiting a physical store. 

Benefits and Results

Optimized operational cost by developing a scalable and flexible technology stack to enable global expansion. 

Reduced call center costs by enabling
self-service capabilities. 

Streamlined onboarding for acquired brands, boosting efficiency. 

Increased customer satisfaction due to a centralized self-service platform.

Faster time to market for new services due to agile feature rollouts. 


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