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For over two decades, AAXIS has been a trusted global partner, helping top manufacturers, distributors, retailers and telcos meet the growing digital commerce and automation needs of their customers. In 2020, we expanded into India, and we continue to help our clients execute the right strategy and implement the best fit of technologies leveraging data and AI to increase customer retention, elevate the customer experience, increase customer conversion, acquire new customers, and expand into new markets.




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AAXIS proudly partners with customers across a wide spectrum of industries and technologies.

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To empower growth through digital commerce innovation. 

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Many of our executives have been with us from the start. With a diverse global workforce and a flexible hybrid work culture, we seamlessly integrate with our clients' teams. Our reputation speaks volumes—clients repeatedly choose us and trust us with their entire digital commerce journey, from initial implementations to ongoing replatforming projects.

We are looking for top talent to join our team! What does it take to be successful at AAXIS?

Our Values


We prioritize competency, recognizing that a strong skill set is essential for overcoming obstacles and achieving our objectives. We believe that continual improvement and expertise are fundamental to sustaining our success in the long run.


We relentlessly pursue our goals, knowing that resilience in the face of challenges is the key to achieving lasting success. 


With unwavering commitment and dedication, every team member fully engages in their work, driving collective excellence and shared success. 


Open communication and integrity form the foundation of our relationships, both internal and external, as we strive for authenticity in every interaction. 


Accountability is at the core of our ethos, ensuring that each team member owns their contributions and actively contributes to the success of every project. 


We balance the power of data with human insight and leverage information to make informed decisions that drive innovation, efficiency, and strategic growth. 

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